How To Get Cash Buyers to Contact You

We followed-up on our previous research regarding cash buyers, and found that cash buyers today have the following top three concerns.

1. “percent of return”
2. “finding properties with good value”
3. “length of investment”

Persons, who are buying real estate with cash today, want a better return for the length of time they will be holding the property. One means of getting this is to buy real estate with big market growth potential – i.e., cash buyers are factoring in market recovery as a part of their strategy.

As real estate brokers and agents, understanding the top concerns of the cash buyers will help you get more of these buyers in your pipeline, as well as get more cash transactions closed.

So how do you get cash buyers to contact you?

Getting Cash Buyers to Contact You
Expert Buyers Calls
One of the key things that brokers and agents have been doing is hosting “expert buyers calls”. These webinars provide a place where prospective buyers can get current market information, including trends, pricing, and real estate hot spots.

Just like corporations hold earnings call to discuss the company’s products, services and value, real estate professionals are talking about their markets, price changes and best value properties. This gives real estate brokers and agents a chance to show their level of expertise and talk directly to potential buyers.

When conducting your call, be sure to have each person opt-in to receive real estate updates, as well as to schedule a free consultation with you to discuss their purchasing needs in details.

And to get the most buyers for your real estate business, make sure you follow-up with each person. Studies have shown that buyers select the person that follow-up and provide the best service. Therefore, when buyers are ready to do a deal, you want your name at the top of their list.