How to Get Agents to Say Yes

You are sitting across from each other. You are thinking this could be a good fit, while the agent is still sizing things up. You show your excitement and talk about your brokerage advantages. But is that enough?

To get a real estate agent to say yes to joining your brokerage, make sure you are telling the agent:

– The summary of sales results of other agents that have joined your company

– How Agents are earning more money through your established systems

– How you are getting better results than your competitors

Explain the Process and Time Frame
One of the biggest considerations when changing brokerages is the time it takes to get going at the new brokerage. Agents have to get familiar with your office processes, update contact information, learn new systems, and spend time learning how your office works.

Thereby, a key questions asked by agents before changing companies is, “Is it worth the move?”.

Be prepared to show why it is worth the move, and why the agent should move sooner than later.

1. Marketing:
Marketing activities drives leads, which turns into clients, then closings. Agents want to know that you understand marketing, and that you can provide guidance with their marketing efforts, when needed.

2. Leads Assistance:
Agents understand they need to prospect; however, they want a company that is working to generate leads for them as well. Agents pay up to $1,000 month to lead generating companies. Show agents how joining with you can improve their lead generating efforts.

3. Training & Updates:
Agents that are closing deals understand the value of continued learning, and they want to keep fine-tuning their skills. These agents look for companies that can keep them on top of industry changes and on top of new ways of doing business.

4. Office Energy:
Make sure your office environment is positive and full of energy. Agents want to connect with other agents that are getting leads and closing deals. An office that is busy with work and fun helps agents to improve their sales and your broker commissions.

5. Client & Data Management Tools:
Many agents struggle when it comes to managing their data and client info. Be sure to show them your tools and techniques for accessing information; using data to improve lead conversions; and for assessing their business goals.

Everyone says they can help potential recruits, but those who can prove it are winning in the real estate market and are hearing the word ‘yes’, when asking agents to join their brokerage.