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Get Agents to Join Your Office

Agents want to improve their real estate business — more leads, sales, closings… more commission dollars.

All agents, including top producing agents, keep their options open when looking for ways to improve their realty business, and they are always on the lookout for a brokerage that will help them get results.

Our research found that top agents want to join professionally managed brokerages. To get agents, including top agents, to join your brokerage, you must show them that you know how to run an office.

Top 5 Important Items for Agents
You must show agents that you know how to run a brokerage. You must:

1. Show them Your Marketing

Let agents know about your websites, online affiliates, cost-per-click campaigns, and other ways that you inform people about your brokerage. This tells the agents that your brokerage is serious about getting sales.

2. Show them Your Technology

Provide a demonstration of your technology systems and what the agent can expect to gain. This tells the agents that you are current with industries changes.

3. Show them Your Knowledge about Real Estate

Discuss how you got started in the real estate business, and what you have done to make your business a success. This tells the agents that you understand how to get things done.

4. Show them Your Successes

Talk about your closings, sales volume, and projections for the year. This tells the agents that you are thinking long term and know how to get there.

5. Show them How You Keep Getting Better

Provide examples on how you updated your business practice for getting leads and for handling client services. This tells that agents that you are open to improving things, including helping to improve their business.

Agents understand that you have a brokerage to run and that you must keep the brokerage growing. However, at the end of the day, agents want a brokerage that will help their business win.