Free Real Estate Workshop for Agent Recruiting

There are people who are interested in becoming a real estate agent; they just need to know how to get started.

Holding Free Real Estate workshops is a way for your brokerage to attract those people, and keep a pipeline of new recruits coming your way.

Everyday people are looking for ways to improve their life, change their current situation, or to start or do something new and different in their lives.

People attend seminars, take classes at their local community college, and go to informational events; looking for information on what and how to do things. Being a real estate professional can be that new career that suits them best.

Getting People to Your Workshops
When marketing and talking about your real estate workshops, focus on how that person can win in the real estate business. Highlight things such as:

– How they can make sales in their first 30 days
– Income they can make the first year
– Vacation time
– Flexible schedule
– Broker provided training

Scheduling Workshops
In the prime real estate selling season, lots more people talk about real estate; whether buying or selling. There are lots of for sale signs out; lots more ads on television and radio; and a number of people consider giving real estate a try.

During prime selling season:
hold workshops at least twice a month

During other times, people are still interested in real estate, they just don’t hear as much talk about it. However, as a broker you still want to continue working your recruiting strategy.

During other times:
hold workshops at least one a month

Real estate brokers that use this strategy and are having success with it, say that consistency is important. In the beginning you may get just a few people, but if you continue, more people will come; and you will get agents.