Follow-up that Gets You New Agents

Your marketing efforts have gotten you a database of real estate agents, whom you would like to recruit to join your real estate brokerage.

As you continue to add agents to your database, what is the best way to follow-up?

Let’s start with understanding that not every agent you make contact with is ready to make a move.  Therefore, it is important to follow-up; so that when the agent is ready to change real estate brokerage, your name will be at the top of their list.

1. Tailored Made Conversations.
Whether you are calling, sending an email, or reaching out via social media, start the conversation with something of interest to the agent.

For example, you can acknowledge their success in closing a tough deal.  Congratulate them on their ranking or seeing them being mentioned in a news article.   Talk about new closing techniques that you have learned, etc.

2. Send Announcement about Your Brokerage Milestones & Accomplishments. 

Keep agents informed about what’s going on with your real estate business.  The more they hear about the good things that are happening at your company, the more their interest will be peaked.

For example, perhaps five new agents have joined your brokerage this month.  Or, your office sold $$ amount of real estate this quarter.  Maybe, you have implemented new systems that will help your agents boot sales and commissions.

3. Send Did You Know Type Emails 

Real estate agents, like many other sales professionals, are always on the look out for ways to improve their sales goals.  Top agents, especially, are always interested in new tools and techniques on how to do things better and more effective.  So, your sending information, that will help them improve their business, will be welcomed.

For example, sending information to agents on “effective marketing for getting more leads” and “communication techniques for getting signed listing agreements”, would be valuable and of interest to real estate agents.

4. Invitation to Your Next Leads & Marketing Meeting

Let agents know about your upcoming leads and marketing meetings, and invite them to attend.  This gives you an opportunity to talk directly with potential agents.  It also gives them a chance to “hang out” and to get to know you and other agents at your brokerage.

For example, send email about one of your upcoming lead generating meetings.  Include information on the things you will be covering.  Also note if there will be any special guest speakers. Invite agents to stop by to learn action items they can start using immediately.

Continue to follow-up.  In fact, setup a schedule and be consistent.