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Email Marketing in 50 Characters or Less

How Do You Say Everything in 50 Characters or Less?

Start with the Subject Line.  The subject is what gets people to open your email. It’s what helps buyers and sellers to decipher whether or not the email is going to be helpful, entertaining, or a waste of time.

Your subject must stand up against the 3 seconds rule.  That is, you have about 3 seconds for your recipients to decide if your email is attention-worthy.

Tips for writing great subject lines.

Email subjects should be:

  • Short
  • Put the most important words first
  • Clear and specific
  • Include dates and deadlines (if there are any)
  • Present value
  • Personalized (They have up to 40% better open rates)

Finally, many email marketing experts recommend writing the email subject before you do anything else. And if your platform has the option, you should definitely be running A/B tests to see what gets the best response.