Real Estate Agent Recruiting Email

Don’t Do This with Your Recruiting Email

Email is still and effective way to reach real estate agents and other prospects; even with the rise of social media and texting.  However, if you want your email to stand out in the inbox, and not put in the trash, avoid making these marketing email mistakes.

Make Sure You Don’t Do the Following

1Don’t Send Email Without Optimizing for Mobile Devices
Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., all display emails slightly differently, and all look different on desktop vs. mobile.  Most marketing automation tools will allow you to preview your message on different sized screens, so you can make sure everything appears as intended.

You should also send test emails to a variety of email addresses, and check each from different devices; again, to ensure the email appears just as you want it to.

A sure way to get your email put in the trash is to send an email that doesn’t match your reader’s device.  Note that more than half of all email messages are opened on mobile devices.


2 – Don’t Have a Confusing, Deceptive or Boring Subject Line
The subject line is the first thing that we see in our email inbox.  It is also what makes people want to click on your email or not.  That is why it is important to spend some time crafting a subject line that will really grab agents attention.  Even better, test different subject lines to see which one works best.

A good, catchy subject line will draw a reader in for more and get them into the email itself. Boring subject lines often result in agents deleting the email or simply skipping over it to get to more important things.

Give your subject lines some jazz, but keep them on topic. Overuse of exclamation points and even certain words, such as ‘free’ or ‘money,’ can trigger the spam filter, and your email will not be delivered.

Also be careful about being too catchy.  While catchy subject lines are good at grabbing your agent’s attention and increasing your open rates, they’ll only work if the email delivers what has been promised.  Nobody likes to feel deceived.  So, it’s imperative not to over sensationalize your subject lines and instead align the subject with the content.


3 – Don’t Embed Your Message in an Image
Avoid putting all your text into images.  If there’s an issue and images don’t load for some reason, guess what? Your text doesn’t either. In this case, you have just wasted that email campaign.

What should you do?  Balance images (don’t make them huge) with clear and concise text in the body of the email. That way text will always be readable and your message gets through.


4 – Don’t Have Too Much Text
Today, an email is only open for a matter of seconds, leaving your agents enough time to scan it for visually enticing photos and read about 50 words max.  This means you have only moments to catch your agent’s attention.

To help ensure your message is read, shorten your text to make your message more concise and include amazing photography to entice your agents.  It’s important to make a lasting impression once you’ve gained that initial email-opening click. But remember, you only have 20 seconds to make that impression and create a subscriber into an agent.


5 – Don’t Send Emails Too Frequently
Sending out multiple emails a day is likely too much, whereas sending only one email out a month might not be enough.

While sending more emails does not always translate to increased sales, under-mailing can also cause conversion rates to suffer.  Therefore, the best way to decide the optimal number of emails to send is through A/B tests. You may find that different segments prefer emails at a different frequency. In that case, you can tailor your send volume for each segment accordingly. Another best practice to consider is giving your subscribers an option to pick how often they would like to hear from you.