No Pressure

Don’t Apply Pressure when Recruiting

Agents sense your agenda to make your recruiting goal

A research study asked participants to choose the primary reason they don’t like meeting with salespeople.  Their answers reveal that they feel pressured because salespeople are self-centered.

In addition people are uncomfortable because it is ingrained within every salesperson to ask for the business at the end of a sales call.  People don’t enjoy saying, “No”.

Top Reasons People Don’t Enjoy Meeting with Salespeople

44%  say salespeople have their own agenda. They feel pressured.

25%  say salespeople only care about themselves

23%  say they are uncomfortable saying “no” to salespeople

8%   say salespeople are different from them and not the type of person they typically associate with.

Therefore, when talking with real estate agents about joining your brokerage, take time to show concern about the agent; listen to the issues and pains they are having with their current broker; show how your brokerage can solve the problem and provide them with more benefits and value.