Click Button Color

Does Color of Your Click Button Matter?

85% of people say color is the main reason they buy a product.

There is NO magic color that converts better than other, so pick a color that contrasts or promotes a certain feeling.

Encourage Immediate Action.

Consider orange if you want people to sign up, buy or join right away.  It’s also the color most associated with cheap or inexpensive things.

Build Trust and Security.

It’s the most popular favorite color in the world and is the choice for brands who want their customers to feel safe and secure.

Increase Energy and a Sense of Urgency.

Try red if you’re running a sale, a limited-time offer or selling tickets to an event that’s close to selling out.

Promote Growth and Relaxation.

We all know green means go, which is pretty handy when it comes to call to action (CTA).  It is also easiest for the eyes to process, so it is often used to relax the mind.

Get Attention and Create Low-Level Anxiety.

Yellow both promotes positive feelings and causes just enough anxiety to move people to action without stopping them in their tracks.