Real Estate

Do you want more agents, listings, leads?


There are no secrets to being successful in real estate.  Success comes from consistency.

First, don’t let doubts and worries consume you.  Instead, develop a daily routine and stick with it.

Some daily routine items to consider:

-1-  Find an advertising platform that works with your style of communicating and stick with it for at least three months.  You have to give your message time to resonate with people.

-2-  Be a speaker at webinars and virtual seminars.  At least once per month have a speaking engagement that lets you get in front of home buyers and sellers.

-3-  Offer valuable information to for sale by owners (FSBO).  A lot of people start out wanting to sell their house themselves; then end up hiring a real estate agent.  You want to be the one getting the call, when the home sellers decide to hire a real estate professional.

-4-  Do your homework before attending any listing presentation.  Put together a packet of information detailing homes sold in the area; how you determined the price for their home; why someone would be interested in buying their home; what other homes in the area offers and how their home is different.

-5-  Always following up with leads.  If you promised to provide information, then do so.

-6-  Always keep your clients informed.  Don’t wait for your clients to contact you to find out the status of things.  Anticipate the nerves and anxieties your client may be dealing with and provide a re-assuring voice, along with helpful information.