Craigslist Real Estate Leads

Craigslist Still Works for Real Estate Leads

10 Million Visitors per day – is the estimated number of unique visitors per day on Craigslist.

With that many people on a daily basis, you can get real estate leads.

How to Get Real Estate Leads from Craigslist

-1-  Use an attention grabbing headline, with focus on your target area

Example:  Is Now the Time to Sell?? (Pasadena)

-2-  Keep your ad short – don’t use a lot of content.  You want people to contact you for information.

Example:  Get TOP PRICE with enough cash to buy you a new home in another location.  How much cash do you need?  Let’s discuss what you can get.

-3-  Post your ad when the most people are actively searching Craigslist

Example:  Mornings and late evenings are the peak times when people are searching Craigslist