Assess Costs – Increase Clients

Taking the Lead Over Your Competition

It is time to assess your business and take advantage of the different cost savings approaches that can put you ahead in the real estate market.

Real Estate companies that are thriving in this market have made a number of changes in how they handle the online marketplace, recruiting, response timing, technology connections and client feedback. These changes have provided for improved lead quality, more informed agents and more closings.

Costs Assessment

Internet Marketing – The key is where you are advertising online. Brokers make sure they advertise on both Google and Yahoo. However, they also strategically advertise on websites that are run by organizations in their local communities. For example, school sports teams, local book clubs, library receptions, art gallery, etc. The local organizations put them directly in front of potential clients.

Substance Recruiting – The key is tools and training. To attract those agents who are getting things done and closing deals, you must be prepared to ask questions and find out what they need to improve their sales. Top performers always utilize tools to be efficient and take advantage of training to learn how to get even better.

Following-up – The key is to actual follow-up. In today’s market people are taking longer to make offers and close deals. This is because they know the state of the real estate market, and they are waiting for further price drops or changes. In following-up you want to be there when they are ready to make a move.

Getting Efficient – The key is to make the decision to change. Brokers closing deals today no longer run their business on an excel spreadsheet; nor do they keep prospects and clients information in Microsoft Outlook. They have also removed the limitations of having to go to the office just to get information. Instead, they are accessing their information via the internet and setting up virtual offices. With the volume of documents, calls and follow-ups to close a deal, getting paid means being efficient.

More Clients

For a number of the brokers in the research, assessing their costs provided the opportunity to redirect how things were being done; which resulted in not only an increase in savings but an increase in clients.