How Top Brokers are Adding Offices and Agents

Today, sellers can much more easily get information about the value of their home. Buyers can get details on properties, schools, crime rates and other buying factors.

With buyers and sellers more informed before contacting a broker or agent, how is it that some brokers are getting more clients and thus adding offices and agents? By starting at Step 2.

Start at Step 2, Skip Step 1
Top brokers start by recognizing that when someone calls, that person has done some internet searches on the property or area in which they are interested. Therefore the normal step 1 process no longer works; that is, trying to setup a meeting or get contact information based on offering a home value analysis or a list of listings.

Instead, today brokers start with “the homes in your area are selling for x, so with my connections and selling strategy, I can push to get you y”. Or, “to purchase in that residential area, seller are accepting offers between x and y. However, let me make some calls on your behalf”.

By starting at step 2, brokers get immediately involved with helping the seller or buyer. It engages the person in a way that acknowledges their efforts, and shows them that you are not here to repeat those efforts, but instead, you can handle their process in a quick and effective manner.

Convert Faster, More Clients
By talking with the seller or buyer in a manner that shows them that you are the one who understands their needs, and have not wasted their time trying to repeat the actions they have already completed, you get faster leads conversions.

Agents Busy, Get More Agents to Help, New Office
With cutting the time for converting the lead to a client, your agents have more clients, and a good pipeline of high valued prospects. Your agents are now busy with leads, clients and closings, and the broker looks to replicate this strategy in the next new office.