Recruit Real Estate Agents

Better Recruiting with Right Schema

The psychology of how you communicate with real estate agents, especially for recruiting, is important.

In general real estate agents, like other consumers, don’t believe marketing pieces much any more.  Companies have used those marketing lines way too long and not delivered on promises made.

It’s time to show real estate agents that your brokerage can deliver the goods.  You can do this by showing agents how your brokerage can best benefit them and their real estate business — using schema.

What is Schema?

Psychologists define our collective preconceived ideas about just about anything as schema or our mental framework of thoughts, attitudes, beliefs that drive our values and behavior.

Our schemas produce automatic thoughts on which our opinions and beliefs are built, and no amount of evidence can change our minds.

Just like Facebook posts, political speeches and debates don’t change our voting choices, brokerages promises, messages and claims don’t change our attitudes or propensity to engage if they don’t meet our ‘reality’, which is based upon what we choose to believe vs. what brokerages want us to believe.  We even choose which scientific evidence to believe and what not to believe.

For recruiting and marketing purposes, schema is your prospective real estate agents reality vs. what your brokerage think the reality should be.

When the two do not twine, you spend a lot of time, effort and money on marketing that just doesn’t produce results that will reach your brokerage’s goals and does not increase your agent roster.

Today, top real estate companies are using marketing messages that speaks to the schema of their targeted real estate agents.  Is it time for your brokerage to do the same?