Summer Real Estate Recruiting

Best Summertime Agent Recruiting

Summer Recruiting Season

Real estate agents are getting ready for prime real estate season – listing and buying.  They are also looking to be with a broker that will offer maximum support for their commission split.

This makes it a great time to execute a summertime recruiting strategy that can get more agents in your brokerage.

Summertime Recruiting Strategy

1. Host a Charity Event.  Team up with a local charity that collects food and other items for needed families. Invite real estate to join you in helping to get the word out in the community. This gives you face time to talk directly with agents in a friendly manner.

2. Have a Lemonade Party.  It summer, warm and in some locations, down right hot.  So, host an office lemonade party and invite other agents and brokers.

Offer to discuss ways of working together to get the word out about your perspective real estate companies.  You can also discuss community real estate trends, the housing market, volume of people entering and leaving the real estate industry, etc.

3. Real Estate Q & A.  Host a training event where real estate agents can ask questions and get answers about new things in the real estate industry, the local real estate market, and discuss projections for the next year. This gives you an opportunity to directly talk to and network with other agents.

Summertime is bright, warm, festive and lots of fun.  Use the summer excitement to add agents to your roster.