Right Real Estate Agent

Are You Talking to the Right Agents?

If your agent recruiting has not delivered the BIG results you were expecting, it’s time to make sure you are talking to the right person.

Does your marketing talk to everyone?

If your marketing is designed to talk to all agents or a large group of agents, then there is a good chance that no agent is listening.

The better approach is to create your content with one agent in mind.  Do a persona research on the type of agent you want to join your real estate business; then create content as if you are in a conversation with that one agent.  Answer their questions, and address their specific concerns.  When you are done, review your material to make it broadly applicable to other agents in the same position.  Do not make it too broad, just broad enough to include other closely similar agents in the same position.

If you need to appeal to a broader set of agents, break your content down by segments; and create content for each specific segment.  Chances are that you will be able to take the content that you developed, and adapt it relatively quickly to speak to your different segments of agents.