Are You Scaring Away Buyers?

There are a number of people very interested in purchasing their first home. There are also a number of people looking to buy rental property, help their children purchase a home, or just increase their real estate investments.

When these buyers contact you, are you scaring them away by heightening the problems? The results from our recent “Are You Really Interested in Buying Real Estate” survey, suggest that buyers are feeling discourage from even looking at real estate. One of the biggest reasons for this feeling comes from the words spoken by their agents.

The goal of the survey was to gain insight on how buyers are maneuvering within the real estate market. With all of the talk about the “buyers’ market”, we wanted to know from the buyers themselves about the market.

It turns out that a big portion of the buyers’ discouragement comes from hearing their agents tell them that it is very difficult and almost hopeless to purchase a home in this market. After hearing these words and not having much countering information, a number of buyers just stop looking at real estate.

Other words that generated a high degree of buyer discouragement include:
The good short sale houses are sold within 3 to 5 days of being on the market. If you cannot make offers quickly, don’t bother.

In order to be successful at purchasing a short sale, the agent must have the pre-authority to make offers for you.

Today, you must view houses on the internet and make a decision. There is no time to go around looking at properties. By the time you look and make a decision, the property has been sold.

Without cash the purchase process is long and drawn out

While the survey results revealed buyers being discouraged, it also showed that people are interested in buying real estate. So the next time a buyer contacts you, make sure you take the time to tell them how to be successful at their real estate purchase, while explaining the difficulties in the market.