Too Much Information

Are You Providing Too Much Info?

Get More Deals with the Right Amount of Information

Many salespeople tend to give too much information when communicating with a prospect / lead.  Typically, you want the person to make an informed decision, so you launch into telling them all about you and what you can do.

So, often a prospect doesn’t reply because you’ve sent them too much information. They glance at it on their phone. They even tell themselves they’ll get to it, but then the next thing comes up.

Needs and Motivations

Getting sellers and buyers to select you to handle their real estate needs requires that you uncover your prospect’s needs and motivations.

And, you don’t uncover anything by showing up and throwing up everything you know about buying or selling real estate.

Instead, you must focus on asking good questions, and listening to your prospect’s responses.

Show them that you’ve done your research and ask a thoughtful question based on your research and prior experience.

This changes the tone of the conversation from a sales pitch to a dialogue where you can build a relationship. It might feel like you’re slowing down the process, but you’re building trust.