Providing Empathy

Are You Providing Empathy?

Success in real estate today means understanding Empathy.

Empathy is about offering a level of comfort and familiar assurances; that whatever buyers, sellers, and real estate agents needs are, you are still available for them.

Real estate brokers that are finding success in continuing their business,  understand that empathy goes beyond the language or tone of a message.  Empathy has a larger concept that also means ensuring that clients can be reached when and where ever they are in their life and buyer’s journey.

Adapt to the Digital Shift

While people maybe hesitant to attend an open house, buyers have increased their use of online and virtual tours, to view home and narrow their house search.

Equally, sellers are becoming more comfortable with conducting business online, including digital signatures, seller’s agreements, and virtual meetings.

Always Provide Value

Go beyond the status quo.  Take time to understand what it is like to sell or buy a house today.  What it means for your real estate agents to meet with people, and to spend time with them to discuss their housing needs.

Find ways to make the process safe, easier and satisfying, all while showing empathy to their situation.

The success key is to show that you are available to assist with their real estate needs; and at the same time you understand the frustration and impact that the coronavirus continue to have on their life.