Creepy Personalization

Are You Being Creepy?

When it comes to marketing your real estate business, make sure you are not being creepy.

75% of consumers find most marketing attempts of personalization at least somewhat creepy.

Today, many companies collect and use consumer’s personal information to create a “personalized experience”.  Information such as what they buy; places they visit online; places they shop in person using GPS devices; etc.

Companies provide personalize experience because prior studies suggested that consumers valued personalization for service and support over sales and advertising.

Today, people have start noticing when a company is asking for too much information, beyond what is actually needed to help improve their experience.  For example, people have the perception that Facebook is listening to what they are saying; or that Google knows where they have been.

Real estate companies cannot afford to underestimate their own creepiness.  Some real estate agents report that they will tell their friends and other real estate agents about brokerages that they feel creepy about.


Examples of being Creepy

…..”I wanted to check a if a certain house was available in my area.  In order to do a search, I had to provide my phone number. Why?  When I am ready to be contacted, I will provide this info, but not just to do a search”.

……“When I have been shopping online and a product I was looking at appears publicly on an unrelated page some time later, this makes me feel like I’m being watched.

…..”I do not like giving out my phone number or address to buy a product, especially at store that I do not shop at often. I was not able to buy a product without providing them my phone number. I did not like this as I did not see how my telephone number was relevant to buying chicken and pizza.”


While your brokerage should provide a memorable experiences, be sure that it does not cross over to where your real estate company is perceived as being creepy.