April Recruiting Tips

Do you like spring?  Most people do.  It’s a time of year where people take time to refresh things — clothes, shoes, bedding…  old items get tossed or donated; then we are off to find something new.

As in most cases, while feeling the exuberant of a refreshed home life, people start to evaluate their professional life — are things going well;  should I be doing more;  should I change careers; is it time to change brokerages?

With a number of people using spring to refresh their perspective, this makes it a good time to recruit real estate agents by showing how your brokerage can offer agents new opportunities.

Action Steps to Spring into Recruiting

1. Hold a Spring Open House
Set aside a day, have some refreshments, and Invite real estate agents to your office to learn about new laws, rules, and other information that will have an impact on their sales volume.  Invite persons from your local chamber of commerce, law enforcement and other civic groups to discuss trends, and what’s in the planning stages.

2. Visit a Real Estate School
Set an appointment to talk with students at a local real estate school.  Once these students pass their real estate exam, they will be looking to start their real estate careers.  You can talk with them about the things you have learned; things you’ve gotten right; and things that did not work out the way you planned.  You can also discuss how your brokerage help new agents, and you will be delighted to work with them.  Remember to leave your contact information.

3. Church Announcement
Most churches and religious organizations normally include an announcement segment as part of their services.  Ask if you can announce the employment openings at your real estate company.  This is also a good time to checking into offering to do a real estate career seminar at your church.

4. Introduction to Real Estate
If your brokerage hires new real estate agents, offering a seminar on starting a real estate career would be help for persons considering joining the real estate profession. It will also be helpful in providing your brokerage with new real estate agents recruitment prospects.

5. Advancing Your Real Estate Career
All real estate agents look for ways to make their business better.  Information on getting more or better leads;  killer sales presentations;  signing-on new clients; and faster closings are all prime topics.  You can have an information sharing event that meets at your office, real estate association, public library, or other local places.  The goal is to provide information that real estate agents can start using immediately.

Remember it’s Spring.  Why not refresh and regroup your real estate business.