Agents Recruiting Ads that Work

Are you using the right ads to attract real estate agents to your brokerage? New labor statistics show that more people are starting to look at real estate as a career; as such they will be looking for brokerages in which to start their careers.

The right ads can get more agents to take notice of your brokerage and to contact you regarding their real estate career. So what types of ads work when recruiting real estate agents? The kind that is personal and says what you can accomplish.

Real Estate Recruiting Ads

No experience Required! We will train you – FREE!
You can earn while you learn!
Call Dave at XYZ Realty today. 555-555-4455

Real estate agents want to learn from someone who knows the business. Use this ad to recruit agents looking for training.

Want to DOUBLE your income? We will show you how.
We will train you while you keep your old job.
Call Dave today and find out more about a new career
in Real Estate at XYZ Realty. 555-555-4455

A number of people is looking to increase their income, and some have thought about joining the real estate profession. Use this ad to recruit new agents into real estate.

Our training program will have you making money
while keeping your current job.
For more information call Dave at XYZ Realty today. 555-555-4455

Offering training and the ability to make additional income, resonates with people who are looking to improve their situation. Use this ad to recruit them into real estate.


Are you trapped in a career you do not love?
A career in Real Estate can provide you the path to unlimited possibilities and a great income.
Call Dave at XYZ Realty today. 555-555-4455

There are a number of people who want to change careers, or just want more control over their own time. Use this ad to recruit them into real estate.

When using these ads, keep the ad short, simple and to the point. Run the ad in the same place, at the same time for at least 3 to 6 months. You can vary the message, just continue to keep the message to the point. The ad consistency helps you to become more familiar to potential recruits and helps to build credibility for your brokerage.

For online ads, it is important to direct clicks, links, and inquiries to your recruiting website.