Agent Recruiting Steps that Work Every Time

When you try something and get the results that you want; you keep doing ti until it stops working.

When it comes to getting real estate agents to join your brokerage, there are lots of ways to recruit agents; however, there are two methods that continue to deliver results.  In fact, one of our recent surveys show that top brokers used these two method constantly — Leads and Training.

Implementing just one of these two programs can get you more real estate agents.

Recruit Real Estate Agents with Leads

You need leads to get and keep your business going and growing.  Want to increase your number of closings and commission, you will need more leads.

You see, all agents need and want leads.  If you can help agents to get those leads, real estate agents will want to join your brokerage.  Yes, you will be put at the top of the agents’ priority list, as the real estate brokerage to join.

I.  Getting Quality Leads
While there are lots of ways to generate leads, your goal is to attract people who are looking to buy or sell now.  This will give your agents a more present value way to earn a commission now, instead of many months later.

To generate leads, try these basic methods, that continues today to work for real estate brokerages.

1. Postcards:  mail to your target area with a message that will get them to contact you

2. Click Ads:  internet paid ads, with good landing page

3. Website: your company website with info tailored to home buyers and sellers; and agents

4. Email: send info of value and interest to people who have contacted you

II.  The Other Part of Generating Leads… is that you must also properly assign leads to your agents, and have a policy in place that lets your agents know how your leads assignment works.


Recruit Real Estate Agents with Training

All agents want to keep up to date on things happening in the real estate industry; for example: new laws, communicating with clients, and effective marketing techniques.

By inviting agents to sit-in on a training session,  you can give potential agent recruits a chance to check out your brokerage, as well as meet and talk with other agents that have already joined your brokerage.

I.  Real Estate Training Program
Conduct training sessions at least once per month.  Doing two or more training sessions per month, will increase your number of new recruits.

II.  What to cover during your training sessions?
Provide information on things that will help agents make money.  Therefore, this can include topics like how to get clients; different marketing techniques; to what type of business focus to implement.

Your training sessions should be from one to two hours and should focus on a specific topic.  Since you will be holding regular training sessions, there is no need to cram everything into one session. By focusing on a specific topic, you give the agents a chance to really digest the information.  Plus, when an agent sees the value and wants to attend another session, this is your time to talk about the agent joining your brokerage.

III.  Some topics to consider are:
This is to give you an idea of the types of topics that you can use

– What Works to Get Buyer Leads vs. Seller Leads
– Best Ways to Follow-up on Leads
– What Gets a Buyer to Sign a Representation Agreement
– Listing Presentation that Gets Sellers to Sign Listing Agreement
– How to Still Win when the listing is Over Priced

To boost attendees, you may consider giving away a prize, at the end of the training session, to one of the attendees.  It can be a $25 gift card, $25 cash, or some other prize.  The prize will get more agents to stay until the end of the training; at which time you can talk with the agents about how your brokerage can help them.


Having a continuous supply of leads, or at least enough leads to get your agents started, combined with training that really show your agents how to make money and be successful with real estate, will keep a study supply of real estate agent recruits coming to your brokerage.