recruiting agents in February

Agents Recruiting in February

Is February different from any other month when it comes to recruiting real estate agents?

It can be.

You know how in January lots of people make resolutions, set goals, and make of list of things they want to do “this year”.  Well, in February real estate takes on that sort of get going attitude.

In February, real estate agents start preparing for the upcoming spring home buying and selling season. It is the time of year where real estate agents are updating their marketing materials, checking their areas’ inventory, and preparing mailers – postcards, letters, upcoming event notices, etc.

February is the leading month where real estate agents confirm their brokerage choice.

Typically, in February real estate agents are talking with their brokers about commission splits, fees and other office changes.  Agents are looking to confirm whether their broker can meets their business needs.

This is a recruiting opportunity for real estate companies.  Real estate agents are actively looking for a good fit for their business, which makes it a great time for real estate brokerage to reach out and show real estate agents how they can benefit from joining your real estate brokerage.

Talk with agents about:

  • Changes your brokerage are making this year
  • Sales success your agents had last year
  • Your closings projections for this year
  • Your marketing lessons learned

If you are looking to add agents to your real estate business, February is a great month to get things started.