Agent Recruiting – from Other Industries

Real Estate Brokers are getting creative and finding success in recruiting persons from other industries to become real estate agents. Brokers are tapping professionals with people skills, sales knowledge, and professionals that already have a network of clients.

In recruiting persons from other industries, as well as recruiting within the real estate industry, brokers look for those persons who are self-discipline with a desire and drive to be the best.

The top characteristics for which brokers look for from those being recruited include:
(a) ability to approach strangers, even when it is uncomfortable
(b) above average willpower and determination; self-discipline
(c) highly goal oriented
(d) above average ambition and desire to succeed

Other Industries Professionals Targeted by Real Estate Brokers Include
1. Estate Planners
2. Financial Planners
3. Bank Tellers
4. Insurance Agents
5. Healthcare Salespersons
6. Medical Supply Salespersons
7. Retail Salespersons
8. Travel Agents
9. Life Coaches
10. Small Business Consultants

Brokers who are finding success in recruiting from other industries, have a strategy to recruit people on an ongoing basis. Their strategy include ongoing advertising; weekly interviews; and referral bonuses.