Copywriting Dos and Don'ts

Agent Recruiting Copy Write Dos & Don’ts

Grab Attention – Inform – Ask to Take Action

When you send your marketing message to agents, you want agents to find it interesting and appealing enough to take action.

To get agents to contact you – do the action step, your message should include certain element, while at the same time leave out other components.


1. Talk with your agents prospects like you’re in the same room
Visualize yourself sitting across from an agent or standing next to them… and then write your marketing copy.

This technique is a killer way to prevent talking “at” or “to” your agent recruit, and it helps to shape a more engaging message that speaks with them.

2. Explore layers of benefits
There are many benefits for agents who join your real estate company; at least there should be.  Describe the benefits that you know will be important to the agents.

3. Give agents a reason to join your real estate brokerage
Agents should understand the reason for joining your real estate company.  They should know why joining your brokerage is better than join ABC Realty Company.

For Example:
Join Today, You Get Leads Today.  You get leads and training on how to close more deals.

4. Let your happiest agents do the selling
Use high-quality testimonials from existing agents.

5. Make it easy to join your brokerage
One of the oldest sales rules in the book is “make it easy to buy”.

For Example:
– Call to Action with… Talk to Broker NOW, about your number of leads
– Short Contact Form… ask for pertinent info only
– Broker Contact Info… Display your email and phone number

6. Use short words
Shorter words usually make for clearer, easier to understand writing – and they are also easier to comprehend for agents who scan messages.

7. Spell check
Nothing tanks your credibility like typos. Avoid looking cheap, or untrustworthy… proofread everything.


1. Don’t Pretend you’re well-known yet
Apple, Google, and Microsoft are well-known.  When saying their name to someone, you do not have to provide an explanation on who they are. Because everyone knows who they are, what they offer, and what their value is.

For your real estate brokerage, unless you have the same level of awareness, don’t omit telling real estate agents who you are.

2. Don’t Assume real estate agents are just like you
Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your prospects have the same values, beliefs or desires as you do.  Each real estate agent is an individual and maybe looking for something different for their real estate business.

When preparing your marketing materials, don’t assume real estate agents won’t respond well to a sales message just because you don’t like it.  Test your marketing messages to be sure.

3. Don’t Welcome people to your website
If you have a “Welcome to ABC Realty Company” headline, change that heading to something more meaningful about your real estate company.  “Welcome to … ” is outdated.

4. Don’t Use “I love it!” testimonials
The most compelling testimonials tell a story of what an agent’s challenge was before joining your brokerage… and what the outcome has been after being with your brokerage.

5. Don’t Put your best content in a video only
For SEO and for those who don’t want to spend 2 minutes watching your video, make sure you repeat the same powerful messages you use in a video/demo on the page itself.

Don’t expect people to watch your video content. They’re busy and the know it’s a marketing video.

6. Don’t Follow antiquated rules of features vs benefits
If you’ve heard that you should always talk about benefits before features, please know that there are no hard and fast rules on this.

Sometimes, features matter – like when you’re upgrading or improving a service or department.  Other times, benefits matter – like when you’re introducing a brand component to your business.

The only rule is to write what your prospects/agents need to hear, be it feature or benefit.

7. Don’t Trick
You’ve heard that manufacturing a ‘waiting list’ is a great persuasion trick, right?  Well, that does not work.  People are skeptical and on the lookout for hyperbole.

It is best not to keep your prospects waiting for nothing.  Don’t use ‘persuasion’ gimmicks like this.