Personalize Caller Experience

8 Questions to Help You Personalize Caller Experiences

Routing Callers
1. What are all the locations people can call from your digital marketing and website?  For example, can calls go to one or more call centers, offices, or remote agents?

2. If you have multiple call centers, locations, or agents receiving calls, what factors should determine who gets which call?  For example, should callers be routed based on their geography, buyer, seller, or history?

3. What days of the week and hours of the day are locations, call centers, or remote agents taking calls?  If someone calls outside these times, how should that caller be routed?


Qualifying Callers

4. If you are sending calls to multiple destinations (offices, call centers, agents), what
factors determine where the caller should be sent?

5. Are there questions you would ask callers to determine how best to route them? If so, what are they?


Prioritizing Callers
6. Are callers from certain marketing campaigns or webpages more valuable to your
business?  For example, do callers from paid search convert to customers at higher rates?

7. If callers get placed on hold or in a call queue, is it first come first serve, or should certain callers get answered first? If so, which ones?


Arming Sales Agents

8. Is there data about the caller (e.g., who they are, their geographic location, their history, the marketing source that drove the call) your sales agents would like to know before beginning the conversation?