Real Estate Agents Disconnected

4 Ways Agents Maybe Disconnecting from Your Brokerage

Every real estate agent is different, and they want to interact with you in different ways for different tasks.

Interaction can be via your website, mobile app, email, or transaction coordinator.  With technology developments, agents habits are constantly changing.

Are you creating a single uniform face to your existing and potential real estate agents, that delivers a consistent experience?  If you want to increase your number of agents, make sure real estate agents are not disconnecting from your brokerage.


1 – Your communication channels are not clear
Make sure the information you provide is consistent.  Your website, including your mobile site, should provide the same informative data – about your brokerage, benefits, commissions, and other advantages. Marketing emails, should highlight company contact information, and all administrative support should be helpful in both providing assistance, and in informing the agent how to get further information, if needed.


2 – You are perceived to be uninterested in agents feedback
As evident with blogs, social media, videos, pictures, etc.; everyone has an opinion and wants to share it; and so does real estate agents.

Provide agents with the opportunity to talk to you on their terms;  take the time to understand their concerns; then provide meaningful and sincere information.  A major symptom of real estate agents disconnecting from your brokerage is that you are flagged as not being interested or understanding of their needs.


3 – You think in terms of how many, and not developing value
Failure to take action with goal setting, business planning, and client acquisition leaves agents to retreat and disconnect.  Whatever success is achieved by the agent become theirs, and it is not seen as a result of helpfulness from your brokerage.

While setting your number of closings and sales volume targets, have one-on-one conversations with agents and help agents to identify a success path that will help them to grow; and will help you to add more top producing agents.


4 – You underestimate the importance of human contact
Digital technology is making it easier to communicate without actually physically talking.  Embracing and utilizing digital technology is great; however, you must also accommodate those that use or prefer other forms of communications.  For example, a recent survey by Verint shows that on average when persons interact with an organization, 24% liked picking up the phone; and 23% liked going to the store, and 74% of people don’t like dealing with companies that don’t provide a phone number for them to contact the company.

As a real estate company be clear with agents on your support hours; who’s available to provide assistance; and the different options for communications.


Real estate agents expect to be able to engage with you in different manners – website, chat, email, etc.  Agents generally want to get what they want from you quickly, efficiently, and on their terms.  For real estate brokerages this means delivering a great consistent experience.