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4 Things Your Landing Page Need

A prospect has just arrived on your landing page, Now What?

You have spent, time, time, and more time….. writing content, commenting on blogs, posting to social media and advertising to get people to click on your link.  It is paying off, with people now coming to your landing page.

Next Step, Conversion.

Now that prospects are on your landing page, you want as many as possible to become your clients — real estate agents; home buyers and sellers.

So, to increase your landing page conversion, your page should have the following four items

1) Showcase a Video

Case studies suggest that adding a video to your landing page can have a large positive impact on page conversion.  Some studies suggest that conversion rates can increase as high as 80% .

Videos cause people to stop and watch; people become more engaged.

YouTube has over 1,300,000,000 videos.  300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. 

Today, people find it easier to watch a video for information, rather that read something.

2)  Mobile Ready

Lots more people are now accessing the internet and websites using their mobile phone.  So, you want your landing page to be easily read by mobile devices.

For landing pages that are not optimized for mobile devices, the text is small and not easy to read; and page has to be adjusted to fit on mobile screen.  It is not a good experience for your prospects.

3) Clean, Crisp Images

Give your prospects something nice to view.  A good image helps to sell your services and products.  It gets people to stop and look; and in the case of the internet and social media, people also comment.

Show positive images.  In the case of a real estate company, show something that reflects trust, growth and caring.

4) Action Step – Chat, Call, Email

You want the site visitor to perform an action.  The question is which action.  Do you want them to fill out a form?  Call, email or chat with your office online?

You should have a clear “call to action”, and it should be clearly visible on your landing page.  For example: if you conduct online chat, have a pop-up that asks if there are any questions?  Or have a largely visible email button; or display your phone number.


Visitors to your landing page have found something interesting about your company or message.  They are on your landing page looking for more information; to interact with you; or to order / contract your services.  Make it easy for them to do so.