Want 35 Agents in 3 Months? Here is How to Get Them

You likely know that top real estate companies have a strategy for recruiting real estate agents. What you may not know are the little details as to exactly how they do it.

It is not some big fancy mystery box, it is actually about repeating the basic things in a routine manner.

A number of top real estate brokers says that you must let agents know that you support them –from helping with getting leads to support with getting deals closed.

So, the details for getting agents in the door

1. List Calling.  Brokers spend one to two hours per day calling agents. When a broker reach an agent, they spend time talking about the agent, including small talk such as:
– the agent’s listings
– changes in certain areas in the city
– joining the broker for more ways to grow their closings

2. Personal Notes & Emails.  After talking to or meeting with agents, Brokers keep in touch with them. One of the things that has worked well for getting agents to consider changing brokers is hand written notes. A personal hand written note is sent to the agent, and as the wooing process continues, email is also used to stay in touch.

3. Speak at Real Estate Events.  Brokers want agents to know they are active in the community, and it gives the broker a chance to talk with agents in a more friendly environment.

4. Open Training.  Especially for new agents, training is important. However, experienced agents also wants to stay knowledgeable about changes in the real estate market, changes in sellers & buyers habits, and getting both new and repeat business. Therefore, Brokers have open training session, where training is always open to any agent wanting to improve their business. Inviting agents to their training sessions, gives the Broker more one-on-one time with the agents.

5. Be Ready.  When the phone call or email comes from the agent, be ready to help them with changing over to your brokerage. Already have your forms, contracts, real estate license changes, and other information ready to go. You want the agent to know that you are ready to start providing them with growth opportunities -then do just that.

Brokers who are meeting their recruiting goals, understand that it is the clear, concise, basic stuff, done in a consistent manner is what works. Many real estate companies have been doing and continue to do these basic things, regardless of other methods added to their recruiting mix.