Real Estate Agents

3 Things that No Longer Work for Recruiting Agents

Technology, Media, & Human Behavior continue to evolve and change;  Marketing Must Also Change.

When we take a look at marketing, whether it is being used for recruiting real estate agents; getting home buyers’ leads or home sellers’ leads, research shows that today, new marketing tactics must be used.  For Example, blog posts, with content in the 400 word range was a cornerstone of content creation, but now videos are in the mix.

Three content marketing rules that no longer works when recruiting real estate agents.

1. Good Content Ensures Real Estate Brokerage Visibility

The old rule was that visibility comes from great content (or simply producing content regularly).

The problem is that there is too much content produced today, and this over saturation means that even good content reliably produced does not always yield a good search ranking and reliable exposure.

The new rule is that content gets seen through amplification, which is another word for getting placement through paid exposure. This amplification can come through re-targeting and search engine marketing, social media ads, or other paid amplification opportunities such as influencer marketing.

Content amplification also can come through activating organic sharing through your company’s social channels and email lists.

Organic content discovery still happens, but increasingly the old rule of “create it and they will come” is being replaced by “amplify it and they might come.”

2. Top Media Placement Matters in Getting Agents Attention

Nothing wrong with having content in big media outlets. It just doesn’t deliver like it once did.

People across the board are inundated with news stories from well-known media outlets, and they no longer are paying attention.

It used to be essential to place your content or story with major players like CNN or Forbes or even Facebook and Twitter. But now, you need to venture outside traditional outlets and put your content on alternative content sources with niche audiences that are more engaged than big media.

Effective content marketing today is now more about seeding content in niche channels that hit highly defined audience segments and garner better engagement rates than big media outlets.

3. Content Should Live on Your Site

It used to be a rule of marketing that you wanted all content housed on your company’s website, so you got the traffic and the attention. Not any longer.

A few years ago, you would publish a blog post about a new product or service to your website and then direct people to that one link as part of an overall outreach strategy. But now, you need to create original content for off-site channels in order to drive direct traffic to your website.

The typical customer is now less willing to venture off to company websites to consume content, and instead wants content that has been vetted first by their media vehicle of choice. At the same time, social platforms and off-site channels are demanding that more content be housed with them.

The new rule is letting content live elsewhere, and either building your brokerage brand through the content as part of a longer customer journey, or leading readers back to your company through a strategic call to action in the content itself.